Alohomora In Character Shoutbox
CAMERON ALEXANDER UNDERWOOD: Odd place, I'd say. I liked it. Oct 21, 2019 15:55:23 GMT
Sebastian Oliver Savage: nope i just don't bloody care. -shrugs- Oct 3, 2019 6:38:36 GMT
MATTHEW SVEN JOHANSON: *Face palms* It's called being mature and not sinking to their level or less. Are you really that daft and dull? Sept 27, 2019 22:48:09 GMT
joseph xander fontaine: -smiles and shrugs- I’m off to go cry in a closet somewhere. See ya later, mateys.. -waves and exits- Sept 27, 2019 16:37:26 GMT
Sebastian Oliver Savage: oye, Matthews gets it. Johanson. Why do we lot have to deal with a bloody American git that is throwing a sodding tantrum just because i mocked his attempts for attention -looks to joseph- well go on then, fontaine. cry. Sept 27, 2019 7:03:15 GMT
joseph xander fontaine: -looks around and sighs- Yup, still surrounded by idiots... Sept 26, 2019 3:05:42 GMT
JAMES ELLIOT MATTHEWS: I suppose they did lose their home. It doesn't mean they need to be jerks about it. Sept 25, 2019 15:37:53 GMT
MATTHEW SVEN JOHANSON: Matthews don't worry about it, and Savage, quite antagonizing. I was there for a year. As idiotic as it is to bite at the school that took them in, the folks from Ilvermorny do miss their home, even if most of them suffer from standard American arrogance. Sept 24, 2019 21:34:38 GMT
JAMES ELLIOT MATTHEWS: Woah, temper, temper Sept 20, 2019 15:24:25 GMT
joseph xander fontaine: Yeah, I probably will cry from being stuck with idiots like you. Sept 20, 2019 6:38:41 GMT
Sebastian Oliver Savage: sounds like someone is about to cry -mocks joseph- Sept 20, 2019 4:26:21 GMT
joseph xander fontaine: If you were forced to relocate from Ilvermorny like the rest of us you’d probably feel the same way having to attend this hellhole Sept 19, 2019 21:45:15 GMT
JAMES ELLIOT MATTHEWS: Well, that's pretty negative. Sept 19, 2019 15:22:36 GMT
joseph xander fontaine: Hogwarts sucks Sept 19, 2019 5:16:33 GMT
JAMES ELLIOT MATTHEWS: Hogwarts is peaceful. Well, for now, at least. Sept 18, 2019 18:03:10 GMT
MATTHEW SVEN JOHANSON: I wouldn't say that. No need for a deal for people to talk. Sept 5, 2019 18:10:37 GMT
Prudence Oria Weiss: The only conversation necessary is if any deals need to be processed... Sept 4, 2019 18:48:16 GMT
MATTHEW SVEN JOHANSON: Still, would like some sort of conversation Aug 20, 2019 20:19:28 GMT
MATTHEW SVEN JOHANSON: I disagree with peaceful. I don't mind the noise as much. At least, not as much as I used to. Jul 23, 2019 20:22:20 GMT
Deleted: peaceful more like. Jul 22, 2019 21:45:08 GMT